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  1. Og Checkout

    Og Checkout makes it easy for your customers to pay online. Our platform is fully integrated with all the top global payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, and a lot of payment methods.

    Our platform supports Multi-currency to accept international payments where your customers can pay with their preferred currency, while we take care of the conversion effortlessly. Og Checkout Payments comprises a user-friendly architecture and can be easily merged with Jommla VirtueMart. This feature allows the merchant to receive secure online payments.

    At the same time, this payment method is also highly convenient for customers. The system redirects to the Og Checkout payment gateway only when a customer chooses to pay through this medium.

    Key Features
    Famous and very much in use in Middle East countries
    Supports Redirection Modal
    Store customers payment methods
    Supports online refund and void
    Quick Settlements
    PCI compliant

    Account & Pricing
    A merchant needs to create or contact for the Og Checkout FREE account. He/She will receive an email for a TEST Merchant Account with Merchant configuration information

    Merchant ID
    Auth Key
    Secret Key
    Endpoint URL

    While configuring the extension with Jommla VirtueMart, a merchant will need to be provided with Merchant Account details. However, the merchant will get Production Account information only after Og Checkout approves his/her TEST integration. To know more about pricing plans, a merchant can contact Og Checkout sales team.

    Secure Server & SSL
    Merchant must obtain a secured web application server with SSL Secure Certificate installed. Merchant can find many well-known SSL providers like :

    Og Checkout only accepts secured HTTPS communication with merchant stores as during merchant store sends authorized details to Og Checkout gateway for the payment process.

    Security & PCI Compliance
    Og Checkout payment gateway is PCI DSS Certified. All the sensitive information is sent from the merchant server to the Og Checkout server using the encryption method. Jommla VirtueMart server does not store any sensitive information of customers. When customers choose Og Checkout Payments method, they are redirected to the Og Checkout payment gateway for payment processing.

  2. JooJitsi Conferencing

    This module allows you to quickly and easily integrate the Jitsi Meet videoconferencing into your Joomla website. You can customize every aspect of the videoconference, including the security settings. Thanks to the countless configuration options available in the module, every single function of the conference can be enabled or disabled according to your needs.

    Main features:

    • Easy installation and configuration: the module is pre configured to connect to the free public server istance of Jitsi Meet (

    • In order to have even more control, the module can be set to work with your own private server instance.

    • The conference window is totally customizable: size, alignment, border style and "start conference" button style. The module is also equipped with his own .css file. It can be easly edited to better fit the template of any website.

    • Every single toolbar button of the Jitsi conference room can be enabled or disabled: chat, desktop sharing, raise hand, microphone, hangup, camera, filmstrip and invite.

    • The Jitsi conference room has a menu with a lot of standard entries and functions that can enabled or disabled individually in the module configuration: profile, video quality, fullscreen mode, live streaming, recording, video sharing, background blur, and more...

    • It is possible to set a standard password for the room access and there is an option to enable or disable the "lobby mode" (if enabled, all users trying to join need to be formal authorized in order to connect to the conference).

    • The module also allows to integrate the Joomla user's profile account data into the conference (username and email).

    • Users can also connect to the conference with their mobile devices thanks to the free Jitsi Meet app for Android and Apple devices.

    • No new tables will be created by the module in your DB.

    Changes in version 2.3:
    - Added new option to set the conference to start also on page load, instead of only by pressing the "Start Conference" button.

    Changes in version 2.2:
    - Added new parameter to solve jQuery issues.

    Changes in version 2.1:
    - Added italian language.
    - Minor improvements.

  3. Categories list for Kunena

    Categories list for Kunena.

    Show Kunena categories on your site.

    After installed, Place the module in any position.

    The template is overridable.

  4. Admin Menu for MijoShop

    Admin Menu for MijoShop.

    Access MijoShop on administrator page easily.

    After installed. Place the module to menu position on administrator page.

  5. basePWA - Progressive Web App for Joomla

    Convert your website into Progressive Web App (PWA) to deliver an app-like user experience to your mobile visitors with basePWA.


    Installed, your Joomla website run in a standalone windows instead of a browser tab. basePWA prompts your users with "Add to Home Screen" banner when they visit your website.

    Launch from Home Screen

    basePWA makes your Joomla website launchable from the user's home screen, taskbar or dock. Make your website feels like part of the device it is installed on.


    Have a fast and dependable website as a PWA regardless of the network speed.

    Configure Application Name and Icon

    Set application name, upload and configure application icon that will show on the user's home screen from within Joomla's administartion control panel.

    Set Application Display Type

    Decide what browser UI you want for your application. basePWA can show your PWA in a Standalone or Fullscreen display mode.

    Splash Screen

    Configure the way your application loads from the user's home screen. Change the splash screen background color and add animated GIF.